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The following CD-titles are ready for your ordering:

Flemming Munk: Songs for Dysmas: Music for Solo Flute accompanied by church organ or various stringed instruments. More than 20 experimental flute compositions recorded live in Jerusalem Church (United Methodist Church) in Copenhagen, Denmark. 1996

Flemming Munk: Songs for Alcoholics, Drug Addicts & Lunatics: Music for Solo Flute. More than 20 experimental flute compositions - occationally double or even triple tracked in the Fuga.Nu Studio, 1998

Flemming Munk: "It's Got to Be My Jesus": Music for Solo Flute. More than 20 experimental flute compositions recorded "live" in the Fuga.Nu Studio, 2002

Flemming Munk: "The Pipe - own compositions and other clever thefts". 28 pieces for low whistle, taking this expressive instruments to the limits of virtuosity. Recorded "live", late night in Jerusalem Church, 2003.

Flemming Munk: "..but the Orange and Purple Sky Came to His Rescue". Low whistle recorded live in Jerusalem Church, 2004. 24 expressive etudes.

Flemming Munk: Flute Impossibilities: "Talking to Oak"- Short but furious compositions, impossible to play, therefore carefully triple tracked on a cheap Fostex almost 20 years ago. This music is unreal - almost miraculous - if you can find anyone, who can learn to play it, you'll have the CD for free. Postprocessed in Fuga.Nu Studio 2003.

Peter Michael Nielsen: Concert for Organs and 4 Hands: Recorded live in Frederiksberg Church, 1991. A concert in 5 movements for church organ and sampled and synthesized sounds, solo soprano and solo trumpet.

Peter Michael Nielsen: "C-scapes": A concert in 8 movements for piano frame, wind instruments (flutes, whistles and giant okarina) voice from Ghana and percussion, 1993.

Peter Michael Nielsen: Solitude et les Deux Hauboits: Sonata for to oboes, 1996. The ultimate expression of loneliness. To be played in "Repeat Mode" of the CD-player.

Peter Michael Nielsen: Organ Waves. A concert in 7 movements for processed church organ, birds, percussion and rock trio. Recorded in Jerusalem Church and processed in Fuga.Nu Studio, 2003.

Peter Michael Nielsen: "Old Red Eye plays the St. James Blues Variations". Solo guitar. Recorded directly from Marshall JMP1 to HD in Fuga.Nu Studio, August 2003.

Peter Steinvig: Organ.- Favourite Baroque titles played on the Carsten Lund Organ in Karlslunde, Copenhagen. Recorded 1991. Produced in Fuga.Nu Studio 2002.

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This Project is a non-profit initiative. All income will be invested publishing new, experimental & christian music, any surplus will be donated to The United Methodist Church of Denmark, "Wesley's Church".


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